Urban Sketches

9 Mar

Having great fun sketching a variety of subjects, urban, rural, seascapes, people, objects.  I’m a huge fan of some of the Urban Sketchers, particularly Marc Taro Holmes from my home town, Montreal. Now, there’s a sketcher’s paradise.

17 Jul


So, what am I to make of the Anglican/Episcopal church as it lives (or perhaps, dies) in the developed world today?  I confess that my remarks are just my own reflections, that is, my own as much as they can be from one who cut his theological teeth on the likes of David Watson, John Stott and Michael Green.

The recent move to endorse same gender blessings in the TEC General Convention, along with similar efforts by Lutherans and others initially gave me pause. But, upon reflection not so much.  This is, after all, the land where animals take precedence over people, where the ‘global warming’ mythical crisis was invented, and where the general populace demands it’s freedom, even as it willingly hands more and more of its moral, ethical and family responsibilities and rights to the government.

To say that the state of dialogue and discussion around the blessing of same-sex unions is abysmal would be to flatter it.  The outright disgust and insult aimed at those who disagree with the church’s ‘progressive’ efforts is a depressing reality, coming as it does from those who cry out for tolerance. What I don’t see is a presentation of rational arguments to counter conservative Christians whose concerns are based upon Scripture, doctrine, discipline, and tradition. Should those not form the criteria for our debate? I’m just sayin’…